Get Up On It - Smokong You take dried up leaves and you roll them in a paper tube. Then you put the tube in your mouth and set it on fire. Then, get ready... breathe in. It tastes terrible, gives you bad breath, acne, makes you sick and can kill you. Cool, huh?

It's amazing that it ever became popular at all. For a while it was the cool thing to do, all over the planet in fact. Now we've smartened up. We all know now what smoking can do to us.

Need a refresher on exactly what smoking can do to you? Get up on it...

  • mouth cancer
  • throat cancer
  • lung cancer
  • heart attacks
  • sudden death
  • strokes

And those are just the highlights!

Scary But True

22% of adults and 17% of youth smoke, and it will kill half of them - at a rate of 1,000 a year.

They Want you, Bad.

Did you know tobacco companies target teenagers and that they have even referred to you as 'replacement smokers'? Replacements for the people who died from smoking or maybe the ones who are smart enough to quit.

Don't Be a Sucker, Literally

Don't smoke and do get up on the creepy tactics tobacco companies use to target you, such as making cigarettes that taste like candy and using hip hop music and images to suck you in.

Check out these sites to get the inside story on the advertising ploys:



Among a gazillion bad chemicals, cigarettes also contain nicotine, a drug that makes smoking super addictive. Even people who want to stop smoking can have difficulty quitting, but don't worry, there's help.

If you are already hooked and want to get off the smokes... get up on it.

Visit SmokersHelp.net

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